smartpy is cool ... but hypy is hype ;-)


Few years ago, i've discovered Smarty for php, and was totally amazed by all the concepts of this templating engine.
With python, i had never found a templating engine as powerful as smarty. In the fabulous python world, there are a lot of engines (quixote, kid, cheetah, cherrytemplate, tal, ptp, simpletal ...), but no one comes with all the simple and good concepts that i've found in smarty.
So i decided to build my own simple smarty-like template engine, which i named smartpy.


Smartpy do :
Smartpy doesn't do :

Compare to

Smartpy compares to all others python template engines (the first 2 points are the most important):


Download SmartPy (GPL)


Look a file (in the tar.gz):
- it implements some "user plugins" (herits from Plugins)
- and use a test template, with all features covered

Marc - 11 / 01 / 2006
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